Announcing Jacaranda’s First-Ever Annual Impact Report

2015 was a decisive year for Jacaranda. After quietly but aggressively focusing on our operations and impact the last year, we are thrilled to share our results in our first annual impact report.

As you know, Jacaranda Health is not simply about providing a safe and respectful place for mothers to give birth. Our vision is to change the way that maternal and newborn healthcare is provided in East Africa – to improve quality of care across public and private facilities, and empower mothers to expect respectful care from well-trained nurses, with strong clinical systems. To hold ourselves accountable, we measure our results against that goal relentlessly.

Our key performance indicators are a clear reflection of our values as an organization. Here’s a sneak preview of how we measure success, and be sure to read our full impact report to see more results from 2015:

2015 Impact Report

We achieved remarkable outcomes in our own facilities last year, and are planning ahead for our next hospital. Meanwhile, we launched our first partnerships with government hospitals in Kenya. We recognize that some of the biggest wins in maternal health will be in improving quality in public facilities where the most women seek care. Last year we began work in two hospitals, where we’re now reaching thousands of additional women and babies and working closely with our government partners to replicate Jacaranda’s unique approach. Next year we are tripling our government partner facilities, while we refine a scalable model to improve quality of care in the public sector.

These results are all positives strides toward our goal of transforming the way maternal health care is provided in East Africa. I want to personally thank you for supporting us in our journey. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Please view our full impact report to see what’s ahead for Jacaranda.

P.S. – I’m happy to share what we are learning and our plans for the future, or to discuss partnerships. If you are interested in learning more, please send me a note:

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