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Exclusive Interview: Who Are Our MSD* Fellows?

Headlines don’t lie. This is an exclusive interview. Jill Croucher and Leigh Anne Good are employees of Merck & Co., Inc.* [known as Merck in the United States and Canada and MSD everywhere else]. MSD is a pharmaceutical company which develops new medical treatments including vaccines and contraceptives; and thanks to particular programs within the company, with Read more »


Using Technology to Close Gaps in Health Provider Performance Management

By Janet Matemu, Technology Manager, and Shalmali Radha Karnad, Clinical Programs Manager This post is part of our “Supporting the Human in Human Resources” blog series co-hosted by the Maternal Health Task Force and Jacaranda Health. Healthcare institutions face three common challenges in managing the flow of information using technology: Access to financial investment Ability of the system Read more »


The Benefits and Challenges of Breastfeeding

World Breastfeeding Week is this week (August 1-7). It’s a time to focus the maternal and newborn health discussion on the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding. There is little question that breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of a baby’s life is ideal. The WHO recommends this to “achieve optimal health, development, and growth.” Jacaranda Health supports Read more »

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Fit for Purpose and Fit for Practice: Associate Clinicians Bridge the Gap

By Shanon McNab, Senior Program officer, and Helen de Pinho, Associate Director, Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD) Program, Columbia University This post is part of our“Supporting the Human in Human Resources”blog series co-hosted by the Maternal Health Task Force and Jacaranda Health. With the post-2015 maternal mortality goals set, and a global commitment to achieving Read more »


Preventing Disrespect and Abuse by Investing in Health Providers

By Kathleen McDonald, Senior Program Manager, MHTF This post is part of our “Supporting the Human in Human Resources” blog series co-hosted by the Maternal Health Task Force and Jacaranda Health. Many women experience disrespect and abuse (D&A) during facility-based childbirth, emerging evidence shows. In a moment of acute vulnerability, women face undignified care at the hands of a health care provider. Read more »


Supporting Maternal Health Staff, Creating Maternal Health Leaders

By Faith Muigai, Director of Clinical Operations, and Shalmali Radha Karnad, Clinical Programs Manager, Jacaranda Health This post is part of the “Supporting the Human in Human Resources” blog series co-hosted by theMaternal Health Task Force and Jacaranda Health. The Lancet’s series Midwifery has raised significant discussion among the global maternal health network on the role and importance of health workers—specifically midwives—in Read more »

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Supporting the Human in Human Resources: Reimagining the Dialogue on Human Resources for Maternal and Newborn Health

By Kate Mitchell, Katie Millar, Shalmali Radha Karnad, Amie Newman, and Rachel Hassinger This post is the first in a new blog series convened by the Maternal Health Task Force and Jacaranda Health focused on recognizing and supporting the ‘human’ in human resources for maternal and newborn health: Who are the humans that make up the global Read more »


5 Reasons Why (and How) Midwives Can Help Save and Improve Lives

There is no question we’re big proponents of midwifery at Jacaranda Health. Our model of care relies upon strong human resources. We are deeply invested in enhancing our nurses’ skills and performance as well as setting a new standard for nursing care in Kenya, which involves midwifery training. This is why we wanted to pull from Read more »


Task-Shifting: A Powerful Tool to Integrate Family Planning

Gone are the days when patients waited for hours to see the sole doctor at the medical clinic. Today, task-shifting has shown incredible promise as a strategy to strengthen human resources for health. In light of the global health worker shortage –  which is particularly acute in resource-constrained settings – task shifting can be a Read more »


Beyond the Clinical: Integrating Soft Skills at the Jacaranda Hospital

When we think of clinical skill building, the first things that come to mind are probably medical training, hands-on simulation, or research. Rarely does it occur to us that some of the most important skills for a provider go far beyond the clinical. At Jacaranda, we believe that safe and respectful maternity care is about Read more »