A baseline for better maternal health

To improve the standard of maternal healthcare, we need to be able to measure the changes we aim to create. Jacaranda believes that measuring impact is critical to success. To integrate monitoring and evaluation (M&E) into their model, they have partnered with researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health to form an evaluation team. Read more »


Who does Jacaranda’s marketing? Our customers do

At Jacaranda Health, we often say that we’re not great marketers, but our customers are. That may sound like false modesty, but it’s true that that many of our key marketing decisions are made by our target demographic: Eastern Nairobi’s mothers and expectant mothers. Customer feedback informs how we describe ourselves, the wording we use, Read more »


Hiring nurses, “Survivor”-style

Jacaranda’s model for creating a chain of maternal-health clinics relies on staffing both our mobile clinics and our fixed maternities with skilled nurses and midwives. Our nurses will provide antenatal care, post-natal care, deliveries, and basic emergency obstetric care. For c-sections and emergencies requiring a theater, we will refer patients to partner organizations that are Read more »


Observations on integrated care in Nairobi

We are cross-posting a piece written by Emily Puckart from the Maternal Health Task Force after a recent visit to Jacaranda’s clinic. You can find Emily’s original post on the MHTF blog here.  Jacaranda Health is combining business and clinical innovations to create mobile health clinics with a high standard maternity care for women located in the Read more »


Five lessons for building scalable business models for maternal health

Jacaranda Health entered the field of maternal healthcare in east Africa with a challenge: How do we provide high-quality care to low-income women while building a business that’s financially sustainable? It was essential that we provide services of a quality that our international advisors in obstetrics and midwifery could point to with pride, but we Read more »


Small budget, big splash: Four ways to make an impact with of word-of-mouth marketing

Marketing is a key component of building a sustainable business. If you can’t tap into or generate demand, you can’t reach a sufficient volume of customers to cover costs. But not all marketing plans are created equal; the right strategy will suit an organization’s budget and its target market. For Jacaranda, we have decided that Read more »


Launch of the first Jacaranda Maternity mobile clinic

Five weeks ago, Jacaranda Health opened our doors to the low-income mothers of Nairobi. In the peri-urban neighborhood of Kariobangi, our nurses, receptionists, marketing staff and our clinical advisor all pitched in to set up the exam rooms, lab tests and welcome tent on the grounds of Full Gospel Church, the community partner who hosted our Read more »