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Jacaranda’s “5 Lessons” Featured on Impatient Optimists Blog

Jacaranda’s “5 Lessons on Integrating Family Planning and Maternal Health” was featured on the Gates Foundation Impatient Optimists blog! Check it out and see the content below: 5 Lessons on Integrating Family Planning and Maternal Health Jacaranda Health is working to change the way that maternity care is provided in Africa. We are developing a Read more »

Kathy Kiboi, one of Jacaranda's wonderful nurses

Introducing the Jacaranda Team: Meet Kathy

Meet another member of the Jacaranda team, and one of our first employees: KATHY. THE COMMUNITY INNOVATOR. With her kind demeanor and proactive intuition, Kathy was born to be a nurse. Kathy is committed to reaching those who need care the most. “I am at Jacaranda because I want to make a difference, for this Read more »


Task-Shifting: A Powerful Tool to Integrate Family Planning

Gone are the days when patients waited for hours to see the sole doctor at the medical clinic. Today, task-shifting has shown incredible promise as a strategy to strengthen human resources for health. In light of the global health worker shortage –  which is particularly acute in resource-constrained settings – task shifting can be a Read more »

Lucy, Customer Service Facilitator, engages the team

Re-Envisioning the Customer

We have long talked about customer service as an important element of operations at Jacaranda. Our clients are the reason we are here, and their feedback drives us to improve. We’ve written about building “soft skills” among our clinical staff to ensure we’re upholding the highest standards with clients, but rarely have we talked about customer Read more »


Introducing the Jacaranda Team: Meet Christine

At Jacaranda, we believe that our staff make up the core of our operations and drive our success. Today marks the start of a monthly blog series where we introduce a key member of our team, paying tribute to the key people that make our mission a reality. This month, meet one of Jacaranda’s first Read more »

Course discussion session

Clinical Staff Learn Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design (HCD) has been part of Jacaranda’s approach to providing high-quality, affordable maternal health care since our inception. In the past year and a half we have consistently used design sessions to understand healthseeking behaviors and develop our model. During one of our HCD sessions, two participants role-played the typical interaction between a clinician and Read more »


Beyond the Clinical: Integrating Soft Skills at the Jacaranda Hospital

When we think of clinical skill building, the first things that come to mind are probably medical training, hands-on simulation, or research. Rarely does it occur to us that some of the most important skills for a provider go far beyond the clinical. At Jacaranda, we believe that safe and respectful maternity care is about Read more »


Where Respectful Maternity Care Begins

As featured on Maternal Health Task Force blog on April 8, 2013. At Jacaranda Health, we are working to build a model of maternity care that is more respectful and mother-centered. In a health system where respect is not the norm, its contribution to quality of care cannot be understated. Respectful care for us has two Read more »


Hiring nurses, “Survivor”-style

Jacaranda’s model for creating a chain of maternal-health clinics relies on staffing both our mobile clinics and our fixed maternities with skilled nurses and midwives. Our nurses will provide antenatal care, post-natal care, deliveries, and basic emergency obstetric care. For c-sections and emergencies requiring a theater, we will refer patients to partner organizations that are Read more »