Celebrating Mothers

Today is Mother’s Day. In honor of this special day, this week Save the Children released their 14th annual State of the World’s Mother report, which rates the best and worst places to give birth. Kenya came in 156th out of the 176 countries. If you’re reading this, chances are you know what this report means for women worldwide, and you know why it is important – particularly on Mother’s Day – to remember that mothers in most of the world struggle in vain to access quality, respectful maternity care.

Kate-765x800-612x640This week, in the spirit of thanking our own mothers and paying tribute to the mothers who support and serve with us, we asked some of our colleagues at Jacaranda to share why mothers are important to them. Here are their words:

Kate, Midwife. One child, one on the way. One year at Jacaranda. 

As a mother, when I’m tired and I get home late, it’s like a new day when I see my children. It makes me respect my mother even more because I know she’s done this before me…

I’m proud to help mothers because they are the core of each family. The hardest thing we have to do as women is face is labor and delivery, and making that transition easier for women is something I’m proud of.





Evelyne, Clinical Manager. Four children. Three months at Jacaranda.

I love mothers because I know what I’ve gone through as a mother and I appreciate others who are doing the same. When you think of a mother carrying a baby in the womb and growing it until the time of delivery, you realize that in fact it’s a miracle. Mothers are a gift.

I’m happy to serve mothers at Jacaranda. Our clinic is very clean – you can’t even compare it other hospitals. Before, I was serving women with a lot of money at a large hospital, but there is a big difference in serving the women at Jacaranda. They really appreciate our care. They value the respect they get more than words can say.



Rachel-800x672-640x538Rachel, Patient Care Assistant. One child. One year at Jacaranda.

I’m proud to support mothers at Jacaranda first because I love babies – but also because I know that when you go to another maternity clinic, no one speaks kindly to you and no one recognizes you as important. I like working at a place where mothers are appreciated. When women come to Jacaranda, they feel good and they feel loved. They get respect, and they feel like they want to go back again. I am proud to offer counseling and education and take the time to know my clients.

When you give birth, you’re supposed to feel that you’ve done a great thing, like you’ve really accomplished something. I’m serving mothers to make that a reality.


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