Introducing the Jacaranda Team: Meet Christine

At Jacaranda, we believe that our staff make up the core of our operations and drive our success. Today marks the start of a monthly blog series where we introduce a key member of our team, paying tribute to the key people that make our mission a reality.

This month, meet one of Jacaranda’s first employees:


Christine started working with Jacaranda on opening day in 2011 as a receptionist for the mobile clinic. Since that day she has contributed her talents to the organization in numerous roles, from procurement and finance to operations and marketing. She currently serves as Customer Care Coordinator, acting one of Jacaranda’s primary points of contact with potential and current clients.

Jacaranda is constantly adapting and evolving according to market desires and operational lessons, and Christine’s movement with the organization has proved her ability to thrive in different roles and responsibilities. She shares, “As I’ve been grown with Jacaranda, I have applied my past experiences in different roles. I’ve realized my perspective, having worked on the ground and now in strategy meetings, is helpful.”

One of the greatest skills that Christine has cultivated at Jacaranda is her personal leadership: “I can speak now assertively when I deliver information to groups,” she says. “I don’t hesitate to share my opinions publicly anymore; I have much greater self confidence.”

Christine talks about the importance of the supportive and inclusive culture that Jacaranda has developed: “I feel fortunate to have a career track where my supervisors care about me, support my development, and there is visible advancement in my own skill development.”

The cohesive team environment and emphasis on continual improvement has been a key part of staff retention at Jacaranda. “Everyone solves problems together. Everyone’s opinions are taken into consideration,” Christine says. One of our longest standing employees, Christine is living proof that a strong and supportive organizational culture can bolster both individual success and collective outcomes.

* This series written by Jen Fluder, Fuqua MBA Candidate and Jacaranda Summer Associate


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