Introducing the Jacaranda Team: Meet Kathy

Meet another member of the Jacaranda team, and one of our first employees:


With her kind demeanor and proactive intuition, Kathy was born to be a nurse. Kathy is committed to reaching those who need care the most. “I am at Jacaranda because I want to make a difference, for this country and others in East Africa,” Kathy says.

Kathy helped to spearhead Jacaranda’s mobile outreach and was the lead mobile clinic nurse, bringing quality maternal care to the doorstep of the women most in need of services. Following the closure of the mobile clinics, Kathy has been supporting the fixed clinic and will, no doubt, help to shape Jacaranda’s future community outreach programs.

A surgical nurse by training, Kathy understands the complexities of maternal care in East Africa and like many of Jacaranda’s staff, she thinks differently about the the road to better maternal health outcomes. She shares a daily passion for the work and a tangible drive for quality of care that is unprecedented in Kenya.

Growing up with 11 siblings, Kathy had limited resources when she was young; for this reason her drive in the maternal health care space is centered on empowering couples to prioritize family planning. She is guiding Jacaranda’s postpartum home care visits, and believes strongly in bringing health care to those that would otherwise be without it.  “My spirit is tied to the community,” she says. “I can’t imagine doing any other work.”

You will not find a warmer smile in the whole of Kenya, and that warmth drives many women to Jacaranda. Kindness and empathy in the Kenyan maternal health system is rare, and the compassion that Kathy exudes reveals much about the culture of family, respect, and teamwork that she is helping to build at Jacaranda.


* This series originally written by Jen Fluder, Fuqua MBA Candidate and Jacaranda Summer Associate

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