Jacaranda’s team and our new maternity hospital!

Here is a picture of the Jacaranda Health team in front of our first maternity hospital! We are all thrilled to begin serving patients tomorrow in Ruiru, on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Jacaranda provides high-quality maternity care to women in Kenya and our mission is to make maternal and infant mortality a problem of the past. We have a sustainable, scalable model that provides friendly, end-to-end maternity care to hardworking urban women. Our goal is to share our innovations in cost-effectiveness, clinical quality, and IT with the global health community as we grow to become the largest network of maternity providers in East Africa. We currently operate mobile clinics in several neighborhoods of Nairobi, and this is our first hospital. We plan to open our second and third facilities in the next 8 months.

For more pictures of the inside of the clinic — labor wards, new equipment, outpatient rooms, and the nurses in action — stay tuned! We’ll post links to them here.


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