Jacaranda’s Model

Jacaranda Health is creating East Africa’s first truly sustainable and scalable maternal health service delivery organization for low-income women. Our model provides comprehensive maternity care at a fifth of the cost of other private hospitals. Our high-quality, affordable maternity hospitals are located in in peri-urban Nairobi, in the backyards of the women who need them most. We provide respectful patient centered obstetric care, safe delivery, family planning, and postnatal care. Since opening our first maternity center in 2012, we have provided high-quality maternal health care to over 17,500 women and delivered more than 2,225 babies at our maternity hospital, and impacted the lives of nearly 20,000 family members.

Our vision is big. We strive to be a global innovation laboratory, adapting and integrating the best clinical protocols, technologies, health information systems, and business approaches. Our innovations have resulted in 45% fewer maternal complications than nearby public hospitals in Kenya, 90% exclusive breastfeeding rates, and postpartum family planning rates that are 4x higher than the national average. Our goal is not only to use a breadth of the most effective health innovations to provide affordable and quality care for the women and children we serve, but also to learn from and adapt to our clients as we create a replicable maternal health model aimed at reducing cost, increasing uptake of health services, and improving quality of care. We are constantly learning and innovating, and as we grow we are building networks to share lessons and tools with others in the global health community.