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In Nairobi alone over two-thirds of the city – more than 2 million people – live in low-income areas where health conditions and availability of medical services is poor. It is this demographic that we are serving, but we know that in order to provide culturally appropriate and high-quality care, we have to know our individual clients well. We are invested in learning about our clients’ preferences, health seeking behaviors, willingness to pay, and values. We include their partners and families in the decision making and saving around maternity care, and continue to reach out to them directly in their own communities.

We have learned a great deal about the clients we serve: They are hardworking women based in peri- urban areas and are often the primary breadwinner for their familes. They work in the informal sector — as domestic help, vegetable sellers, or shop-owners — or in light industry. They are busy and cost-conscious women, who must carefully balance the demands of pregnancy and medical visits with care for their families and their businesses.

Catherine is one of our clients. She delivered a health baby boy on November 23, 2014 at our Kahawa West maternity hospital. You can read her story here.

Catherine and her newborn boy

Catherine and her newborn boy

Perhaps most importantly, our clients desire high quality, friendly health care at an affordable price point, and they fall in the expansive gap of people who otherwise do not receive it. They want – and have a right to – clean and welcoming hospitals, quick visits, good access to health information, and respectful nurses and midwives. These factors are equally as important to our clients as clinical quality, and Jacaranda has balanced our model of care to provide the whole package.

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