Pre-opening Community Event at Our Maternity Clinic

Thursday, August 16 was an important day for Jacaranda Health – it was also a lot of fun. To celebrate the opening of our maternity clinic for deliveries on Sunday, August 19, we held an open house at the clinic for existing clients, new clients, community members, our staff and many, many energetic children. In addition to offering health services – including prenatal care and ultrasounds – we had delicious snacks and beverages prepared by our staff, clinic tours, activities for children (the bouncy castle was a huge hit!), and even the planting of a jacaranda tree in the courtyard. Approximately 70+ new and old friends of Jacaranda Health helped us celebrate.

While the goal of the event was to open our maternity clinic, we also wanted to demonstrate that we are a good neighbor who will provide an important and needed public service to their community. Based on the feedback of the first non-Jacaranda person to show up – a neighbor named Timothy who has lived in the Ruiru community for almost 20 years – I think we are off to a good start. He pulled up in his truck, jumped out, shook my hand, and told me, “I had to stop by to thank you for coming to our community. We are very happy you are here.”


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