Services and Prices

Jacaranda’s full service maternity hospital in Kahawa West is open 24 hours a day.

Are you looking for services for antenatal care, comfortable labor and delivery, gynaecology consults, ultrasound, or a theater for cesarean sections? We have a phenomenal team of nurses, obstetricians, lab techs and pharmacists who are experienced and friendly. We have been rated one of the highest quality hospitals in Africa by independent body SafeCare.

Here here are prices for our most popular services. If you have questions about any of these, or don’t see a service, please call +254 731 999077 for information.

First Anc visit Ksh 1500
Anc follow ups Ksh 650
Normal delivery Ksh 16,000
Cesarean Section Ksh 39,000
Ultrasound Ksh 1,800
Gynaecology consult Ksh 1,500
Immunizations Ksh 500
Family planning (prices vary with the method)
Maternity admission fee Ksh 1,500 (Normal & C-Section)
Admission Kit Ksh 500
Child wellness visits Ksh 500
 Nutrition consultation Ksh 1000


We accept insurance from the following leading providers:

Jubilee, CIC, APA, and Pacis


Clients with NHIF will have bed charges reimbursed at 2000 per day.

Stay tuned for further updates on our NHIF policy!