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A 24/7 lifeline for mothers on PROMPTS

Adapting the PROMPTS helpdesk to offer round-the-clock support and referral for mothers

Nine weeks into pregnancy, Faith noticed dark red spots of blood. She sent a message to PROMPTS; ‘There’s a lot of blood. What do I do?’. Minutes later, she was connected to a clinical helpdesk agent, who advised referral to hospital. Faith’s miscarriage was far from the outcome that she’d hoped for but, critically, it took place within a safe and dignified environment with skilled nurses on hand.

At Jacaranda, we understand that mothers’ concerns don’t follow business hours. Stories like Faith’s highlight the importance of making rapid, personalized support and referral available to mothers – at any time of day or night.

In Q3, we expanded our PROMPTS helpdesk to offer round-the-clock support to mothers on the platform. Depending on the message urgency, when mothers send a question to PROMPTS during the day, they receive an instant response or have their question triaged to a clinically-trained (human) agent to discuss referral options.

Previously at night, our AI system would read and respond to incoming messages and send a tailored response. More recently, this night service includes human helpdesk agents, meaning at-risk mothers receive personalized referral support whatever the hour.

38% of incoming questions are now sent during the night, a stark reminder of the importance of round-the-clock maternal health support.

If it wasn’t for PROMPTS, we might have waited to see the situation. It was a lifeline. We’ll continue using it as we try for another baby.’ – Faith Asayo, PROMPTS mother, Kakamega County

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