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Scalable solutions to improve quality of care

Our Model

Our package of solutions is designed to support and empower mothers across their journey through the health system.

Jacaranda developed its package of solutions to address a twin challenge impacting outcomes for mothers and babies in government health systems: delays in care seeking care and gaps in the quality of facility-based care.We base our model around a simple Theory of Change: that mothers seek care at the right time and receive the best quality care when they reach hospital – which in turn drives better outcomes and more sustainable, efficient maternal health systems. We co-design these solutions with mothers, frontline nurses, and our government partners so that they are responsive, sustainable, and comprehensively tackle the gaps driving poor outcomes.

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Mothers empowered to seek and demand timely, quality care.

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Providers and facilities equipped to deliver high quality, respectful care.

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Health system managers supported to deliver and finance quality services.

Better outcomes for mothers and babies

Mothers seek care at the right time and place, and receive targeted referral if a risk is identified.

PROMPTS empowers women with information via SMS to make informed choices about their health care, ask questions during and after pregnancy, and receive targeted support and referral if a risk is identified during the exchange.

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When they reach the hospital, they receive timely, quality care in a safe, respectful environment.
MENTORS equips frontline nurses and midwives with lifesaving emergency care skills and knowledge, and empowers them to continuously mentor and support their peers in facilities to improve performance, respectful care and outcomes. 
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Their needs and experiences help improve the services they receive and the systems that support them.

PULSE combines real-time data from mothers, nurses, and facilities into actionable dashboards that help governments better understand and address the gaps preventing the provision of timely, quality care in maternal health systems.

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Our government partners co-own, co-design, and co-finance our solutions as a strong foundation for scale and sustainability.

Our vision of an “end game” at scale is our government partners leading and sustainably financing cost-effective innovations in the public health system. Over seven years, Jacaranda has earnt trust and buy-in from a network of facility, county, and national government partners by involving them in the design process, demonstrating measurable impact, and building affordable solutions that sustainably integrate into resource-constrained government budgets and health systems.

Partnered with county governments

Jacaranda partners with 22 Kenyan county governments to deploy solutions

Endorsed by governments

Endorsed for scale by national Ministries of Health

Supported by government budgets

County governments are sharing 70% of the running costs of MENTORS

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where we work

We have Kenyan roots and global ambitions

Since 2016, Jacaranda has worked with Kenyan county governments and the Ministry of Health to improve quality of care and maternal and newborn health outcomes in the country’s public health system. Guided by a mission to reach all mothers and babies, our focus is on scaling further within Kenya while adapting our model and capitalizing on our learnings to serve mothers and babies in new geographies. We currently partner with the national governments in Eswatini and Ghana to test and adapt our solutions to support national health priorities, with ambitious plans to grow a global footprint in the coming years.

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Jacaranda has worked alongside Kenyan county governments and the national Ministry of Health for the last seven years. Our package of solutions helps drive positive health seeking behaviors among women, upskill the frontline health workforce with lifesaving skills, and continuously improve quality of care in government health facilities – with measurable evidence of impact.

Jacaranda is working with the Ghana Health Service and local research partners to test how PROMPTS, and the data it collects from mothers, could help cost-effectively improve quality of care in the country’s maternal health systems.

Jacaranda began work in Eswatini in 2021, working with the Ministry of Health and Clinton Health Access Initiative to use PROMPTS for infant immunization tracking. The Ministry has committed to scale PROMPTS across the country to drive uptake of infant vaccines, pre and postnatal care, and prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission.