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Digitizing EmONC learning on MENTORS

Gamifying remote learning to put real-time learning into the hands of frontline maternity nurses.
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3B9A2605 - Copy

Jacaranda’s nurse mentorship program was built on the evidence that continuous training reinforces skills, which in turn improves outcomes for mothers and babies.

While our focus is primarily on training providers in the wards, in Q3 we tested new approaches to translate our accredited curriculum online, helping nurses build lifesaving skills and knowledge – from anywhere, at any time.

Twelve learning modules were uploaded onto a simple online platform, supported by a new partnership with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA). The platform, accessible by phone, tablet, or computer, is tailored to the context, and deliberately interactive.

Each module offers simulation-based exercises for providers to think through real-life emergency scenarios on the ward, like postpartum hemorrhage or birth asphyxia, and gamified features that incentivize progress through the curricula. It also incorporates new modules on prenatal and high risk newborn support, equipping frontline nurses with the requisite skills to support across the continuum of care.

The platform will be accessible to both Jacaranda’s partner network of nurses, as well as more broadly to providers across the country through WCEA’s affiliation with the Nursing Council of Kenya.

An example of a simulation based exercise on hypertesive disorders in pregnancy, hosted on the WCEA platform.

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