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UBS – in the Wall Street Journal, Published February 2024

The Catalytic Power of Philanthropic Capital

Jacaranda's digital health tool PROMPTS is recognized as initiative that has the potential to achieve social unicorn status.

The London School of Economics (LSE) uses the phrase “social impact unicorns” to describe enterprises that have the potential to transform the lives of billions.

To nurture more of these, UBS Optimus Foundation partnered with the LSE to launch the 100x Impact Accelerator5, a £50 million global initiative that will provide capital, mentoring and other kinds of support to enable impact-driven organizations to think bigger and achieve more.

Jacaranda Health is pleased to be recognized among initiative that have ‘the potential to achieve social unicorn status’.

“When Covid hit, the UBS Optimus Foundation saw an opportunity to leverage Jacaranda’s digital platforms to help address widespread and urgent gaps in maternal and infant healthcare by expanding our support to government hospitals,” says Nick Pearson, founder and co-executive director of Jacaranda Health. “UBS helped build our capacity and accelerate our reach from 100,000 women to over 1 million, helping mothers safely navigate pregnancy.’

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